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Official Press release:

New Tone Wizards Book Explores Optimum Sound with Elite Guitarists

As a guitarist, Curtis Fornadley has spent much of his life pushing his limits and searching for great tone. In his new book Tone Wizards: Interviews with Top Guitarists and Gear Gurus on the Quest for the Ultimate Sound, Curtis gains feedback on tone nirvana and the elusive chase from esteemed individuals in the guitar community, both guitar players and the craftsmen that invent and reinvent the tools of the trade. By independently funding the project on his own, Curtis was able to conduct honest and unbiased conversations revealing the similarities and differences in players’ approaches to the guitar and their tone. The book is available in print and eBook formats at all online bookstores including Amazon and iTunes.
Throughout the book, Curtis is given some interesting morsels of reflection from the interviewees pursuit of tone such as “Style is a reflection of your own creative instincts, but tone, the way you play it, can be changed” from Steve Vai. Joe Bonamassa added “There is a very symbiotic relationship between the amp, the guitar, and the sound.” Going deeper, Joe Satriani stated, “The average person is hearing not only the sound part of tone, but they are also being influenced by the vibrato and the intonation.” And as if to hint that maybe ultimate tone is truly never achieved, Peter Frampton gave this to think about: “I think tones and playing do become dated, but everyone’s moving on, all the time.”
Curtis Fornadley was born and raised in southern California where he began playing the guitar at the age of 11. As a solo artist, he has released multiple albums and was a finalist in Guitar Player magazines “Guitar Superstar Competition.” Curtis continues to write and release his own music in addition to composing music for film and TV.
The interviewees include the following:
Joe Bonamassa
Bob Bradshaw
John Carruthers
Cliff Chase
Peter Frampton
David Friedman
Jay Graydon
Scott Henderson
Eric Johnson
Jim Kelley
Jeff Kollman
Ronan Chris Murphy
Joe Satriani
John Suhr
Pete Thorn
Steve Vai
Carl Verheyen