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If You Could Have A Personal Conversation With Some Of The Best Electric Guitarists In The World What Would You Ask Them?

If You Could Pick The Brain Of World Class Guitar And Amp Builders What Would You Learn?

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Tone Wizards Joe Bonamassa, Scott Henderson, Steve Vai, Jeff Kollman, Pete Thorn, John Suhr and Curtis Fornadley

Interviews Include: Joe Bonamassa, Bob Bradshaw, John Carruthers, Cliff Chase, Peter Frampton, Dave Friedman, Jay Graydon, Scott Henderson, Eric Johnson, Jim Kelley, Jeff Kollman, Ronan Chris Murphy, Joe Satriani, John Suhr, Pete Thorn, Steve Vai, Carl Verheyen

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The Bible for Guitar Players 
“Okay Guitar players – this is “The Book” We are all on a quest for that nirvana tone from our amp setup but apparently so are the biggest names in the guitar world. – Amazon book review

Tone Wizards is highly recommended for anyone who’s fascinated by great guitar tones. “Curtis has wisely chosen a wide range of interview subjects… The real beauty of Tone Wizards is the length and depth of the interviews. – Amazon book review 

“This book finally took it to a deeper level” – Amazon book review

“Curtis Fornadley has turned his quest for tone into a cool book where he interviews players and builders to figure out what makes great tone great”  – Guitar Player Magazine

“A treasure trove of wisdom and technique that we can all apply to our own never ending quest…”  –

“Doing this project with Curtis was great fun. I am enjoying reading about all my fellow colleagues and their thoughts on their craft as well.” – John Suhr

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